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Meer info
ZT, 25 x 32cm
The growing up thing -100 x 80cm
Anna as bird- 70x150cm
If I had a sound -150 x 130cm
ZT3 - 30 x 45cm
Anna where are you - 30 x 45cm
ZT - 30 x 45cm
ZT2 - 30 x 45cm
Zt - 110x80cm
Zt - 150x110cm
It will hurt a little - 100x150cm
I remember you - 120cmx150cm
Papier - 15x10cm
Family - 24x32cm
It's crazy to believe in silly things 100x150cm
Underneath the carpe - 40x50cm
I had a nightmare there  40x50 cm
Me and my true self 22x15cm
Seven sad thoughts - 50x50cm
Waiting to make my wish - 60x40cm
Zt - 35x20cm
Family - 24x32cm
Let me start again - 30x40cm
What dreams are made of - 80x100cm
Zt - 24x32cm
Zt - 24x32cm
Zt - 24x32cm
Zt - 24x32cm
Catching fire - 24x32cm
I am what is underneath - 60x80cm
Zt 150x150cm
Whispering my secrets - 30x40cm
Favourite worst nightmare -150x150cm
Her memories were watching her - 70x80cm
I am still here - 30x40cm
Zt 24x32cm
Joep - 18x24cm
How to disappear 40x60cm
How to disappear 2 - 180x 110cm
Are you with me? - 30x40cm
Zt 18x24cm
Let's call the whole thing off - 30x40cm
Kissed by a frog - 50x70cm
Zt - 45x45cm
You can't see with your eyes - 20x30cm
The bubble she calls home -18x24cm
Zt - 90x70cm
Zt - 50x50cm
Zt - 40x60cm